How To Explore Denver, Colorado, Like A Local

The development and construction team must have been in a creative mood when they designed the city of Denver. One of the United States’ most attractive and healthiest cities – a paradise for people who enjoy outdoor activities – there is no better place to be than Denver, Colorado. Previously known as the travel stop destination for people commuting to the Rocky Mountain ski resorts, Denver has created its own travel niche over the years offering adventure sports and cultural diversity. Unfortunately, this is where Denver falls short as well.

While Denver is a wonderful place to be, the establishment of the city as a tourist destination has affected local inhabitants dramatically. For example, the tours across Denver have increased the cost of transportation and hotels. So, if you are planning to explore the beauty of Denver but are on a limited budget; then you may need to do some research. After all, the last thing you want on a budgeted vacation is to be taken advantage of by taxis, hotels, and even tolling booths. This article will provide information on how to explore Denver like a local and not be charged tourist taxes.

1. Cheap Underground Transport

As soon as you land at the Denver International Airport, it is recommended that you head to the Jeppesen Terminal Level 5 where you can board a public bus service. These public services, such as the Sky-Ride Bus, will not only save you money but can also give you the confidence to explore Denver without seeming like a tourist.

2. Using Public Transport In The Town

As a city, Denver is considered one of the most well-connected areas regarding public transport; therefore, it makes sense to take advantage of this highly developed transport system. In fact, utilizing public transport such as light buses and rails is not only faster than travelling by car, but it is also cheaper. One of the most effective methods to start a trip would be by calling the Regional Transportation District Information Center and ask about bus routes or light rail services.

3. Knowing About The Special Services

Denver is particularly well known for its adventure scene including hiking and skiing through the Rocky Mountains. So, it makes sense to know about the special services that cater to these exploration zones. For example, if you are interested in heading through the Winter Park you should consider using the Ski Train.